This is my first blog post on our website. I created this blog to give out updates, address issues, and also just give my thoughts on things going on in Second Life.

This way there is a source directly from me that cannot be misinterpreted and can lessen miscommunication in a public area.

First off, I would like to cover some points that I get asked about a lot, or that have come back to me.

There are three main areas I would like to address.

  1. Updates on the city progress.
  2. Attacks.
  3. Rumors.

City Progress

First off with the progress of the new city.  It is very close to being ready. I say ready because more progress will always be made. Small details will be added after it is open and in use.

We ran into some issues with the creation of all the items in the regions. I wont go into the deep details of what went wrong, but essentially progress was halted due to contracts not being followed through on. This was a big setback. Progress is very much being made and 3 more people have been brought in to replace the creator that started the project. They have been working hard completing updates and also repairs to issues of the original contracted build.  Issues became apparent once the original build was halted and never completed.

Stores are moving up from our original area and some new stores have been brought in.  The original area everyone is use to enjoying is slowly being torn down as progress is being made. This is to free up resources and counter any lag that may become apparent.  So if you see things “out of whack” this is why.

Apartments have been built and more are in progress. These should open as rentals mainly in the Kawaii District region. So far feedback has been good and I have been getting many opinions. So far the creators are loving the new stores they are moving into.

We have been doing the small details in the city, lights, vehicles, plants.


We have been getting attacked with griefing,and attacks on the sim. Most noticeable to the people visiting has been the crashing.  This has set back the build, stopping progress or slowing it down  as we take measures to prevent loss. We all appreciate how everyone has been supportive during these issues.  I want people to know that we have been taking the proper routes in handling this. I personally have been in contact with Linden Labs to handle this situation. I will not endorse rumors or spread gossip on this,


Lastly, I would like to bring up rumors about me personally.  Sometimes I feel I get lucky enough to have someone ask me about things they have heard. I figure many things do not reach me. There have always been rumors about me from when we started to get more popular.  I have not been a perfect person, I am pretty open about things and my feelings sometimes.  Mainly I want to address some things to either end the rumor, or, just so people won’t feel the need to inquire about many things.

A main one lately is that we attack places. This is false and I have never gone out of my way to do anything like this. For one, people that know me, know that I am a smart person.  Things of that nature are tacky, they add risk, and also add unneeded drama.  For one, I am not one to risk losing everything I built over something petty. I am very business oriented, which will also come into play later. 

I do pay attention to what is going on, as do other places with us. This is just good business to know what is going on in the community. Anime or beyond the community.

I am told I am competitive. This is true. But not in the way that it is portrayed.  I work hard at what I do. I work hard for the people here. I work hard for the stores we have. I know some of the creators rely on their income. I take pride in them being here and count them as part of our family as much as anyone. I am competitive to be the best that we can be. It is hard work. People that know me, know how much work I put into things. You can’t just make a place and expect it to be the best ever seen.

I do not know everything that is said about me, as I am sure I am not told everything. But, I will address things that I have heard. These I have heard from many people.

There have been some racial claims made against me, I am diverse and you can see that in all my staff that are close to me. Like I care about that crap. People that know me know how close I am to all kinds of people. They also know how accepting I am of others. I don’t care what you do as long as it doesn’t hurt other people.  There was also a rumor about me as of my race.  I don’t really understand why that matters. I am a  straight  male Caucasian in the USA. We have voice in our club. We speak on it. 

I have heard and been asked about me being the alt of the owner of The Purrfect Pussy.  Not true. I am a younger account though and this is my first account. I just got lucky with who I made friends with right away. People closer to me (those that hang out at Neko City, I am close to anyone that talks to me) know this to be false. So, no,  I am not a alt. Sorry!

When those bans were happening to avatars due to “ageplay” I was also blamed by some for that.  That is not true and I did try to help combat that as much as I could.  This also leads into people saying that ageplay happens in my regions. That is a 100% no to that. That will never happen. I understand the TOS and have actually talked to Linden Labs to take precautions to keep everyone safe in my areas.  These statements are ridiculous and totally false.  Don’t believe everything you hear.  There are some that have gotten in trouble  here for different reasons.  Many times, they are the ones I see saying things. 

I do not hate other sims. I just don’t really do much with them. So if you think I really dislike you, you are always welcome to message or talk to me.

I hear a lot from people after they meet me and hang out for a bit that I am “totally different” than they heard.  I am a very kind generous person. I just don’t put up with shit. There is a lot of bullshit on second life.

Yes, I do have a bot registered with SL. She is obviously a bot and handles things in my regions.

These are just a few things I can think of off hand. I honestly hate writing this, but I felt I needed to say something.

♥ Envy