1. When using voice. Use push to talk. Background noise can ruin everyone’s experience and also count as spam.
  2. Respect Staff. If they say something is against the rules. Listen. We don’t like to warn or ban people. We like everyone having a good time. You can give hugs, headpats and even spanks. But please do not spam them.  Using anything sexual is not allowed.
  3. Poles and tip jars are staff only.
  4. No ageplay will be tolerated. You will be reported. You and your avatar must be 18+ in adult areas. It is ok for child avatars to shop, but why even use one here in the first place? This can be a judgement call by staff. If you blatantly look like a kid, or are using kid items, you will be questioned or removed from a area if need be.
  5. No Soliciting or Begging. This includes promoting, asking for L$ and asking for free services.
  6. No photos of staff without permission. It is a common courtesy.
  7. No spam. Chat gestures or music. This includes dancers. Audio is when it crosses over into the audio of others. We like to have fun but noises and the chat scrolling like crazy is looked down upon.
  8. No guest nudity in adult clubs unless otherwise stated to be allowed by staff.
  9. No Freelance Escorting.
  10. If a area says it is staff only.  Respect that.
  11. Most important, just respect people and have a good time.  Griefing will be dealt with swiftly. Some things you may not get a warning for.  Do not harass people over their height or even joke about them being a “child avatar.”  Discussions have been had with Linden Labs in depth over their policies. Please do not stalk people. You will just end up getting banned from the properties.  We don’t want that. Use common sense.
  12. Nudity is allowed down in the Puffy Paradise Beach and Resort area. It is not allowed on beach nightLewding is never allowed down on the beach.


If you wish to appeal a ban, you can contact  ღ Adore ღ (thatgirlyouadore)  Open in Secondlife