Club Neko  :: Employee Handbook – Conduct and Guidelines

Updated 11.27. 2019

Hierarchy and Management List

♥ :: Envy :: Owner
♥ :: Cute Calamity :: Floor Manager
♥ :: Kou :: HR & Performance Manager
♥ :: Ai :: Events Manager

Region Security
♥ :: Adore :: Head of Security


 [ ♥ Job Expectations ♥ ]

Club Neko wants to encourage a safe, pleasant, and profitable work atmosphere. This can only happen when everyone cooperates and commits to appropriate standards.

The following is a list of behaviors that the company considers acceptable ♥. Any employee found not engaging in these success-driving behaviors will be subject to disciplinary actions including, but not limited to: warnings, dismissal.

❤ Please be active! We understand life gets in the way. For any inactivity longer than 48 hours, please fill out a “Leave of Absence” form found in the Neko Discord channel under the ‘Host Chat’ tab.

❤ Always maintain a positive environment! We encourage staff to maintain a chill, drama-free, welcoming environment for all of our staff + guests!

❤ Respect the management team and their roles! They specialize in departments for a reason! Please reference the department list above and contact the appropriate manager if you have any issues. If a manager is not online, please reach out to a staff member via the Club Neko discord Security channel.

❤ Please refrain from leaving your workstation excessively when logged into a tip jar! Using the restroom announced is acceptable but if you’re going to be longer than 5 minutes, please log out of the tip jar. Be sure to also take advantage of the AFK area in the corner of the club. Do not enter the club and start working only to leave a few minutes later. Commit.

❤ Greet and interact with ALL of our guests – ESPECIALLY when they enter the sim! Make sure you walk over to those who enter the club and start a conversation! Have you made a new friend today? Remember to create a lasting impression. First impressions are important! It is also required to know whenever someone enters the region/draw distance/chat range. There are settings for making this possible. If you are unaware of how to do this please refer to asking another staff member.

❤ Please use a tip jar whenever you’re in the club! We have tons of guests that need entertaining! If someone tips you directly, please log into a jar and apply the money to your own tip jar.

❤ Please maintain appropriate language! No threatening, abusive, racist, or otherwise questionable language towards employees or guests.

❤ Please remain clothed if you have not been tipped! As long as your ‘bits’ are covered, you are considered clothed. Please also be mindful of your hairstyle so it does not cover both nip-nops! ♥

❤ Please refrain from rezzing furniture and decor inside the club and property without permission with a manager.

❤ Be mindful of your sexual interactions with coworkers! We frown upon excessive actions that would devalue the club. Relationships with clients and guests are strictly prohibited.

❤ Be mindful of your interactions with our guests! If they haven’t paid for a service, do not give it for free! (Example: too sexual during cuddling, free ‘girlfriend’ experience’, etc.)

❤ We greatly take consideration in our hosts’ appearance. This includes having a high quality mesh avatar (i.e. M4 Anime head, Catwa, Genus, Maitreya body, etc.) Having an attractive avatar is an important part of our job. No child-like avatars will be considered or accepted. We maintain a 5-foot minimum height requirement.

❤ Do not hover over another hosts/escorts’ tipper! We want to encourage one on one bonds between our guests and our fellow staff members so we can build loyalty and relationships. Allowing all employees to have breathing space provides the time needed to create rapport.

❤ Be flirty! Strive to do well! Sell yourselves! We all like having fun but you can’t just expect to get tips from being silly. Act sexy, make guests WANT you! We will do our best in trying to train you if we see a lack of this but if lack of this continues it will result in termination.

❤ Please remember that Club Neko is a ‘full time’ job! Meaning that dancing and escorting at other clubs is unacceptable. DJing at other places is an exception. We encourage all employees to have Neko-pride! If you feel comfortable choosing us for a pick, we appreciate that! However, we always expect our employees to fully represent Club Neko in every other fashion. We encourage image-boosting conversations and anything else that would positively represent us as a club. ♥

❤ Please also remember that advertisement and conversation are different! Do not promote in other sims or spam. This always comes back to Envy. It is frowned up to say ‘Come to Club Neko!’ but it is acceptable to mention that you work there. Please learn the difference so we can maintain a good reputation!

❤ If you have decided to log out for the day / finish your shift, post in the “host call” section of discord. Give a 10 minute notice and also try to report details of what staff are there. Example: “@here Calling my ten minutes. 2 escorts and one host left in the club.” This is to signal other hosts to come take your place and to avoid an empty stage! This also makes it so Club Neko doesn’t have to schedule staff. We don’t want it to feel like a job in that regard. But staff responsibility and support is needed to keep this system going.

♥ All trainee’s will be given a welcome packet, which lists the guidelines and expectations of Club Neko, as well as an emoting guide and basic rate card overview.

♥ All managers and staff will be there to help you learn and give you the best opportunity to learn. If you have a question, you can always ask in the discord host question, ask staff, or message a manager to be sorted out.

Certain behaviors that create drama, hurt the club, or other staff, will be treated no different than a guest.  These behaviors can result in a temp or perm ban.  Don’t be a dick

[ ♥ Tips and Hosting ♥ ]

These rates remain the same for all hosts and escorts! If you’d like to add an item to your host menu, you are welcome to do so! Please be mindful if your menu item would otherwise break club policy.

❀ Topless / Topless Cᴜᴅᴅʟᴇs …………. 300$L /15 ᴍɪɴ ❀
❀ Nᴜᴅᴇ / Nude Cᴜᴅᴅʟᴇs …………. 600$L / 15 ᴍɪɴ ❀

❀ Cʟᴏᴛʜᴇᴅ Lᴀᴘ ᴅᴀɴᴄᴇ …………. 400$L /15ᴍɪɴ ❀
❀ Nᴜᴅᴇ Lᴀᴘ ᴅᴀɴᴄᴇ …………. 800 $L /15ᴍɪɴ ❀

If a guest continues a cuddle session with more tips, go by the value of the tip. If they tip 300$L then that 300$L will cover topless, so back on with the bottoms. If they do the 600$L you can continue with being nude, ect.

[ ♥ Discord Conduct ♥ ]

❤ We highly encourage you to put your Privacy Settings to NOT allow direct messages from server members. This is to avoid guests from taking up your free time and receiving free services. We do not want you to work off the clock!
❥ While it is our job as hosts to entertain guests DO NOT let them cross the line when it comes to Discord DMs
❥ If you do decide to contact guests outside of Second Life IMs, any problems that occur are out of our control. Be wise!

❤ If you’re being harassed on Discord, whether it is DMs or in group, let security know! Use the @here to your advantage!

❤ Be respectful of guests and other staff on discord

❤ Invite guests to the club if they mention they are bored and on SL! Lure them to the club!


[ ♥ Best Practices ♥ ]

❤ As a host or escort you will be encouraged to work at the club 300 minutes a week minimum. ( 5 hours )
❥ If you are unable to meet the 300 minute minimum, please let us know! We are flexible and understand that real life comes first! You can let us know via the Discord group channel under #leave-of-absence! You don’t have to tell us specifics, we just appreciate the heads up so we can keep you in mind when reviewing our weekly performance logs. If you feel you are dealing with a lot, please do not feel obligated to come to work! We want the best for our hosts. You do not need to post in LOA if you are going to miss the day. We only worry if its a extended absence that effects your weekly time minimum.

♥ You must make a pick and your staff group visible in your profile at all times. This promotes you at the club. If you don’t want your staff group or pick visible for a certain reason, please message a manager. We understand if you don’t want certain people visiting us.

♥ It is highly suggested that Escorts advertise themselves on ad-boards in different sims. Price you pay and how many is completely up to you. Not only will it bring traffic to the club, but also bring YOU clients! Please contact Aѕαмι for ad-board photo’s.

Please remember you were picked to be here. We are very picky on who we hire. You represent Club Neko and its a privilege to be here as part of the inner circle.
Not doing what you need to do makes it harder for this place to exist.

[ ♥ CHANGE LOG ♥ ]

Nov 27 2019
– Managers updated

Sept 23 2019
– Handbook entirely revamped

July 17 2019
– added assistant, estate manager position.
– updated avatar policy to include other avatar styles besides only neko.

June 25/19
-Changed managers
-Removed event jar rules
-Modded Escort rates

June 11/19
-changed manager positions

April 20/19
-promoted assistant manager position to manager

April 2/19
– updated 6. Tips and Hosting
– removed personal time

Feb 21/19
-updated chain of command
-updated rule 13

Feb 06/19
-updated behavior list with item 13.
-updated date format
-updated 6. Tips and Cuddle Time and changed name and content.

– updated work attire (avatar requirements)
-updated assistant manager

-updated “1. Club Representation” section
-removed “cuddle time” from 6. section
-fixed spelling errors

-updated chain of command
-updated tip jar section
-improved formatting slightly
-added changelog

-made date system normal.
-changed management and titles.
-updated policies
-updated tipping information
-updated minute requirement
-updated LOA info
-updated escort info
-handbook added online