Welcome to Meido Kissa. This phrase means maid cafe in Japanese.

These are some of the Maid expectations for Meido Kissa

This is a role play area. You must try to remain in the role of a maid.  Greet patrons with Senpai.  I feel master and mistress can give the wrong idea.

Meido is not a sex sim. All furniture is PG. Cuddles may be alright, but do not go to far with it. Patrons will try to do more.

If you have a personality, stick to that personality. But do not try to offend patrons.

Avatar dress is Maid. I do not want to go sexy with it. I prefer old fashioned maid appearance. Then be kawaii with your other variations. You can wear ears and things, like a bunny or not.  Just avoid neko. This is because club neko is next door.  Meido Kissa is not Club Neko and should have its own identity.

With no sex, you can be a smaller avatar and even loli in appearance. There is no risk involved as there is nothing you can be doing wrong to get in trouble with Linden Labs. Medio Kissa can also draw the smaller avatars to a environment for them to be safe and hang out.

There is voice. It is up to you if you use it.

The way to make a place popular is to be there, if no one is there why would anyone hang out? I do not make schedules but just love this place and make it your own. Think of it as your personal hang out spot. It is what you make it.

Traffic is important as it ranks Meido Kissa higher when people search for hangouts.  More traffic and popularity equals more success to you before myself. If you arent doing anything, go ahead and park your avatar at the cafe in a seat. This can build up traffic at first.  Most times when I am away, I stay at a place for traffic build up besides me having quick remote access for emergency.

I take in 15% to pay for the region, the standard is 20% to 30%.


You have security powers on the Meido Kissa parcel. Be sure to warn people before being drastic. If they talk about things that make you uncomfortable, tell them.  If they bring up things like ageplay, this is not tolerated at all.  You can freeze or eject them. Ejecting will just put them outside the parcel. So they will probably end up on neko land.  To ban, you select eject and then you have the option for ban after that. You can set a time in hours, or putting 0 means forever.  Be sure to message me with who you ban and a screenshot can be helpful.  If they are a major problem, I will region ban them from all my properties.  If they are a hassle after leaving the Meido parcel, you can always message Neko staff to remove them from Neko as well.


We have a discord for all my areas. There is a worker section and a public section.  Things can be brought up here as well. 90% of us are on the discord.  If you join, tell me your username and I can adjust your role and name on there.


– Envy