Welcome to the Club Neko Pawscot team!

-What is a pawscot?

.Pawscots are the face of Club Neko!

We spread our cheer, positive influence , and boost our fellow workers and patrons spirits while fulfilling our work duties.

– What does it take to become a Pawscot?

. Pawscots should have a strong connection and dedication to Club Neko.

. Be outgoing, friendly, sociable, and interested in helping the club with it’s best interest in mind.

. They are dedicated greeters and helpers that mostly volunteer as PG (Non sexual) stand-in hosts

. Help assist/announce DJ’s, Events, and small projects when need be.

Pawscots are hand picked by veteran staff that take notice in their dedication, hard work, and love for the club. The Pawscot role was born based off the values of purely wanting to assist the club.

Pawscotts are our little helpers! Our Helping paws/hands!

— Pawscot Welcome Training Packet —

. First and foremost please read, understand, and review our Club Neko Hand Book (Click me!!)

. Each pawscot goes through a one week (7 day) trial period to show they are able to rep our club and fulfill job duties appropriately.

….Job Duties….

**** Expectations ****

. When representing Club Neko , as the face of our club we have very high expectations and standards for our mascots.

– Pawscot DO’S♥:

– Be outgoing, friendly, active, and approach everyone

– Have the ability to keep calm in stressful, or crowded situations and stay on task.

– Constantly boost the morale and stay on top of P.A.W.S throughout the night

– Pawscot DON’TS:

– Display inappropriate behavior (ex: antisocial, aggressive, negative , trollish, and unresponsive )

– Break any handbook, or pawscot rules / expectations

– Abuse any rez / group rights given upon hire

. Pawscots are expected to fulfill and attend the following…

– 5 HR a week minimum work requirement

– Must attend or assist at least ONE event / set a week

– Abide by the LOA (leave of absence) code we provide for our regular hosts.

****Welcoming our guests****

Give them PAWS!





How do we offer a P.A.W. to our guests?

– Approach our guests!! Make them feel acknowledged

– Address them directly in local chat AND voice if you use voice.

– If all else fails send them a private IM greeting them with your pawscot cheer!

Give them a reasonable time to respond before leaving them. Some people load in slower than others, or don’t use voice!


. When receiving a tip –

(Pawscotts are not required to offer any services but are given the option to if they’d like.)

– Properly, and promptly thank our guests for their kindness

– Offer / give them a PG emote (example: Hug, or a friendly gesture ect)

– If tipped directly please pay your own tip jar.

****Working a DJ set / Event ****

. Your job as a pawscot when working on a set requires the following:

– Sending out group notifications when your DJ starts / Midway through their set

– Keeping guests entertained and reminding them about our hosts/ DJ’s, current events, and in general advertising the club and our staff

– Boosting morale , staying cheerful and keeping that party energy going even after sets are over

Failure to follow or abide by any of your job expectations will reflect in your employee weekly review, and the pawscot strike system.

**** Pawscot Strike System ****

– 3 Strike system

– 1: Verbal warning , and note on weekly employee review

– 2: All of the above, and retraining on performance focus.

– 3: Final verbal warning, followed by termination.