This is a page to see the updates and information with the region project.

What is the Region Project?

This is a ambitious project that is redoing the Neko City region and everything contained within.

So what is the purpose of this project?

The purpose of this project is to fill needs of the region and also to become one of the top sims on Second Life.


Project Details

  1. Region expansion. A second full region will be added to boost performance and to house all the needs that will be required in the future. Club Neko, Meido Kissa, Stores, Rentals, Newcomer area, Eyln avatar chibi area and a school.
  2. The two regions will be custom meshed from the ground up.
  3.  The main design is being modeled after Akihabara, in the Chiyoda ward of Tokyo, Japan.

This is a massive project that is already in the stage of creation.  This page is to inform and update how the project is progressing.



The project is heavily inspired by the Akiba area. A lot of thought and detail are going into this project.  For starters Google earth has been used to map everything out.  Then the map has been adjusted to fit a area in one of the regions.  The other region will connect and expand on this.

Project beginnings

First inspiration

Project Creations

Starting the mesh designs

Project Buildings

Buildings for project

Project Assembly

May Updates

June Updates